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A New Flavour, With An Old Favourite March 24, 2017 14:53

When we sat down a couple of years back and decided it would be a good/fun idea to start a pork scratching business in our spare time, most firsts seemed a long way off- our first customers, our first foil packaging, our first beard/fashion based abuse on twitter.. As such, it’s fair to say the idea of our first partnership with a legendary household name brand was not on our radar. In fact the radar itself was probably still in kit form.

However, dear friends, as you probably know we’ve had quite a couple of years in our porky venture adventure, full of firsts we didn’t even dream about. And perhaps none has been as exciting as this one:

Today we launch our Ham & Colman’s Mustard flavour.

Back of the net. (As a certain famous fictional son of Norwich would say)

When it came to creating our version of the gift from the porky gods that is the combo of pork and mustard, we didn’t want just any old flavour, we wanted the legend that is Colman’s. Anything else just wouldn’t cut the..err…mustard. Now, it’s fair to say we didn’t expect this to happen, Colman’s is a genuine hero brand who haven’t really worked with anyone, but if the last couple of years have taught us anything (other than don’t get Pig of Doom in your eye), it’s that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So we said hello.

And as you’ve probably gathered, we really did get it. We are bloody delighted.  

It’s a flavour that’s been 9 months in the making, and it’s one we’re super proud of- starting subtle and then building with that unmistakable kick of Colman’s with each bite. We can’t wait for you to try it.

From today it’s available in our entire range of formats- 50g foils, Gift Jars, Refills and Loose Serve- all wrapped up in a natty merging of our brand and unmistakable Colman’s yellow.

So Snafflers, as another Norwich legend once said, let’s be having you.


Valentine's Delivery Cut Off February 09, 2017 10:50

Stand by for the world's shorted blog post:

For delivery by/on Valentine's Day (Tues 14th) order by the following:

  • 2pm Thurs 9th for Standard Delivery
  • 2pm Monday 13th for the ballin' Next Day Delivery option. 


One More Bit Of Den: 'From Pitches to Riches?' December 31, 2016 18:51

(Richard Osman making Nick & Andy look his bizarrely haggard young kids)

Tonight (NYE) is the Dragons’ Den ‘Pitches to Riches?’ follow up show, and somewhat amazingly, we’re on it! Chances are, if you’re reading this though, you already know that.

The filming itself was a lot of fun- mainly because this time we didn’t have the pressure of the Dragons staring at us as we walked out of the not-actually-real lift. We had a full day with the BBC team- a morning at our sparkly new warehouse, (we’d moved in the day before) and then an afternoon with Richard Osman (who is quite literally a giant legend) in a pub which was still fully open as we were filmed- We will forever remember the day we stood next to someone ordering a pint of Strongbow whilst a lady put make up on our faces. 

As it turned out, the powers that be over at the BBC have decided not to use the stuff in the pub, so the pic above is basically a deleted extra scene from our never-to-be-released DVD, but it was still one of the crazier days we’ve had. Then again, it’s been a flat out crazy year for our porky venture.

This time last year, we were a year in and had just survived our first Christmas having had more than a few 4am night finishes- So we were busy promising ourselves we’d not do it that way again. We had high hopes for the year ahead, but no inkling of the Dragon powered fun and games that were to follow.

From the moment we had our first screen test/meeting early in the year through to filming in May and the show playing out in August, the Den has given us an extra spring in our trot. We’d be lying if we said it’s been an easy year, there really aren’t many of those for a start up (and we totally did a load of 4am finishes again this Xmas) but the extra little supporting shove we’ve had from the show has made it a great one. Finishing the year watching a couple of mins that sum it up is just the porky icing on the cake. Porky icing- there might be a new product idea in that. :D

The best bit, bar none, has undoubtedly been the love and support we’ve had from customers and the general public when we’ve crossed paths either professionally, on social media, or face to face at shows etc. So no matter if you’re a Dragon or a Snaffler, if you happen to have been part of our year in any way, thank you, we will be forever grateful.

We’re hugely excited for 2017, it’s going to have to work bloody hard to top 2016 for us but that’s a rather nice challenge to have. Though, if we’re honest, after tonight, it might well start with a hangover.

All that remains is for us to wish you the very happiest of New Years. Have a piggin’ great one.

Team SP. Xx

PS if you're sat reading this thinking about giving an idea a go, there's no time like the present! We might not be the most experienced of swines, but if you ever want to pick our brains, feel free to drop us a line. 

 Nick pointing for no reason

Our Christmas Break December 22, 2016 11:49

After a frankly amazing ride of a year we’ve got our annual shut down over the Christmas period to recharge the piggin' batteries:

The warehouse will be closed from the 4pm Thursday 22nd and will reopen Tues 3rd Jan. Any orders placed during this period will be shipped as soon as possible when we’re back, for delivery the end of the WC 3rd or the start of WC 10th. If anything is particularly urgent that week you only need shout.

The office will be closed from 1pm Friday 23rd and reopen Tues 3rd Jan. We will work through all customer service based emails received during this time as a priority when we’re back and we thank you for your patience. 

We’re hugely thankful for your support (we quite literally couldn't do this without you), and we look forward to making the piggin’ magic happen with you in 2017.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Team SP. xx

Last Orders For Christmas December 19, 2016 21:27

Logistics Pig has decided that the last orders for guaranteed delivery for Christmas are:

Standard Delivery (including free delivery for £30+ orders):  Monday 19th

Express: 2pm Weds 21st

In addition, if we're low on stock on an item we will pop it to 'out of stock' on the site before those dates. 

We'll still ship after those dates, and our courier is delivering up until Christmas Eve but we're cautious swines when it comes to delivery so we'd rather play it safe. If you're more of a gambler type, the choice is all yours..


Christmas Orders & Delivery December 06, 2016 19:14

Hello Snafflers,

Here’s a quick update on orders and products for Christmas:

The first thing to say is if you’ve placed an order already and it hasn’t shipped yet, then we’re working flat out and they’ll be with you soon! We’ve undoubtedly been playing catch up on a couple of lines after our advent adventure, so we’ve popped them out of stock to make existing orders the priority and we’re bombing through it (helloooo night shift). You have our piggin’ word it will be out with you asap and certainly in good time for the all important wrapping. As always, thanks so much for the patience and if you need something urgently, just get in touch.

On a related note, any products that are currently showing as out of stock will be back online as soon as the Logistics Pig tells us he’s good to go!

That now neatly brings us to neatly to last orders ahead of crimbo:

We plan to make cut off for standard delivery on Monday 19th, but we’re cautious swines so if we feel there’s any product that’s potentially looking a bit tight on the delivery front, we will pop it out of stock sooner- so if you’ve got your eye on something, we’d recommend getting it whilst it’s hot!

We will of course keep you posted.

Right, back to the boxes.

Team SP. xxx


Important: Our Advent Adventure & Delivery November 09, 2016 10:34

One of the best things about this porky venture-adventure we’re on is when we have an idea we think might be fun we don’t have to spend months in meetings talking about it, we just decide to give it a go. Which is why when one day we thought that a pork crackling advent calendar might be a fun idea, we decided we’d get it made, even though we had no idea if anyone would actually buy one. He who piggin’ dares, and all that.

What has actually happened has blown us away. The demand from the second we put it live in August (!) has been both amazing, and humbling.

And then yesterday (Tues), without us knowing it was coming- ITV This Morning featured us. Yes, dear friends, the legends that are Phil and Holly snaffled our meat:

After that, it’s fair to say it went a bit turbo: We sold more in one day yesterday than we did the whole of November last year.

It’s bloody brilliant. But it does mean two things:

 Our stock is now incredibly low, so if you want one you need to be super quick. Once they are gone, we wont be able to make anymore this year. EDIT Fri 11th: All stock is now sold out. 

Secondly, with a month’s orders in a day to deal with The Logistics Pig now has a mammoth job on his trotters, and that will mean our delivery will be a bit slower than normal. The main thing affected will be the calendar orders:

If you’ve bought an advent calendar from our site or from one of our partners, you have one allocated and it absolutely will get there in good time for the all-important start of the countdown, but it might take us 10-15 days to reach you. We’re hugely grateful for your patience, and if for any reason that wont work for you please do get in touch on hungry@snafflingpig.co.uk.

If you’ve ordered something other than an advent it might be a slightly slower delivery than our normal 3 days but we’ll be doing all we can to stick to normal timeframes. If there’s something you need particularly urgently, please do just get in touch.

 We’re very sorry if any of this causes you any issue, and we hope this little note helps explain the current goings on at Pig HQ.

Again, thanks so much for your support. We’re off to pack boxes.

Team SP. xx

'What Happened Next?' Part Two: After the TV airs August 10, 2016 17:54

We made our first ‘what happened next’ video as we wanted to share a bit more about our Den experience with you all. As it turned out, quite a lot of you were interested by it, so we thought we’d make another one.

This time though, it’s different, as we’ve now seen the program!

Sunday was a very odd, if exciting experience. We know how it actually went on the day and what you saw was pretty different to that. But, hey, that is all part of parcel of the Den experience and it does give us lots to talk about!

As a result, this vid is a bit longer, but it gives us the chance to tell you what it was like watching the show, to answer some of the common questions we’ve seen on Twitter and to have a bit of fun at the end. (After Sunday and Evan’s ‘Porkfolio’, we also decided to keep the pun levels to a minimum.)

Thanks for your interest and support; it’s made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

Team SP. X

 (Or as one person called us on Twitter ‘Hipster & Square’ :D)



News: It's time for a new line. July 31, 2016 22:01

We wanted to do a post on a subject that the eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months, but that we’ve had a few questions/comments on over the last few days - It’s about our ‘It’s what he would have wanted line.’

When we were first working out our packaging design, we were discussing the product and looking for a line we could use in certain places. Our designer friend used the phrase ‘it’s what he would have wanted’- it’s actually a direct reference to an old Simpsons episode. We know we’re not everyone’s cup of tea, so we weren’t trying to be all things to all men (or indeed ladies) and the line stuck.

But we’re anything but flippant when it comes to the source of our key ingredient and, as such, we didn’t want to use the line without being able to back it up with some decent rationale:

Firstly: One of the things we love about crackling is that the rind it's made from is a by-product. We're firm believers that if you’re going to use an animal for food, you should use as much of it as possible.

And, we also wanted to make sure that our piggy wares do more good than just being tasty.  Whether that be supporting our local area with apprenticeships, or supporting the charity Action Against Hunger with event presence, product donations and as soon as the business allows us to do so, monetary donations from the sales of our gift jars. As we grow we're fully committed to expand this side of our business. 

We feel that’s a good rationale, but, as time went on, we realised that if something needs more than a very quick explanation than it’s probably not right long term. And, on a few occasions, the line has been very divisive- we might not be trying to be all things to all men, but we’re also 100% not looking to cause offence. Life is far too piggin’ short to fall out over snacks.

So, about 3 months ago, we decided the line should go. 

This isn’t something we can do overnight- we have to buy our packaging in large volumes at a time, but the you’ll see on our newer products- like our Rinds, Maple foils and our latest jars it’s gone and as we go to reprint our other stock, we’ll do the same. Update Nov '16: Our Perf. Salted foil is revised and in use, all the others are due in this month. 

Being a start-up and an independent business, we love the fact we can listen to our customers and make changes as we see fit. We’ll learn our lessons as we go, and all being well, we’ll make the piggin’ magic happen. 

Father's Day Delivery Cut Off June 14, 2016 09:48

The Logistics Pig is bonafide legend, working his special blend of magic using boxes and tape, but even he can't work piggin' miracles, so he has to set some delivery cut off times.

So, for guaranteed Father's Day UK delivery, order before 2.30pm on Weds 15th. 

LP will do his best to get out any order placed after this cut off in time for the weekend, but he's not one for making promises he can't keep. 

Q&As, CBRs and other excellent abbreviations, FTW. March 06, 2016 13:59

Team SP was recently asked to do a Q&A for the team at The Holborn magazine, ahead of London Beer Week which culminated with Craft Beer Rising (CBR). If you want to see what we had to say, you can have a look here.

One of the (pretty excellent) questions asked focused on UK drinking culture and what we thought of the current market- something that proved hugely relevant when it came to the fun and games at CBR.

Christmas Period Office Hours December 22, 2015 12:25

After the frankly awesome last couple of months, Team SP will be taking a couple of days off between Christmas and New Year to recharge the piggin' batteries - Chef has needed a lie down since November.

Dec 23rd: Open as normal.

Dec 24th-Sun 3rd: Closed.

Mon 4th Jan: Open as normal

We'll be keeping an eye any customer service emails but please be aware we may be a little slower to reply than normal. 

Any orders can be placed as normal via email or online, and The Logistics Pig will be back raring to go on the 4th of Jan to work his magic, with deliveries winging their way to your doorstep from Tues the 5th. 

The Snaffling Pig wishes you a truly swine Christmas. 

Team SP. x


Piggin' Important: The Times They Are a-Changin' July 27, 2015 13:06



Hello there!

If you’re reading this, you’ve shown more than a passing interest in our porky project. Thanks so much, we quite literally couldn’t do this without you. And, with that in mind, we wanted to let you into an important secret:

We’re changing our name.

Yup, we know, Zut Alors! (As the Giggling Pig’s French cousin, Claude le Pig, would say.) 

And this is why:

The Giggling Pig has proved himself to be adept at many things- like crafting bloody awesome crackling and finding other equally talented pigs to make his little porky venture a success. However, you can’t be all things to all pigs, and through one reason or another (we’ll not go into details here) he’s managed to ruffle a few feathers. 

Now, GP is not one to want to step on another’s trotters and he’s most definitely a peace loving swine so, like many a performance great and errr…Jordan, he’s decided it’s time to be known as something else. 

We don’t beat around the proverbial bush here so as of today (Mon 27th) we’re waving goodbye to The Giggling Pig Co, and raising a lovely, trademark friendly glass to The Snaffling Pig Co. 

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice there’s a small amount of transition going on as we get all our imagery etc updated, but rest assured that’s the only change- our product still remains its same, moreish self, served in more ways than you can shake a perfectly seasoned stick at.

We’ll also use this opportunity to roll out some new flavours, exciting partnerships and even natty new jars. Hurrah. We reckon its what the artist formerly known as GP would have wanted.

If you want to talk about any element of this, or if you just fancy chat about piggin’ life then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Much love and trotter bumps.

Team GP/SP


Mischief Making: Celebrating with the BII June 24, 2015 10:08

As we talked about in our last Tale, we’re on a mission to take the humble (but fabulous) pork crackling to places it’s never been before. 

But that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in the places that have always appreciated a proper porky treat, far from it. The Giggling Pig is not one to forget his roots.

At the very heart of this foundation, is, quite obviously, the magic establishment we call the pub.

 When you’re enjoying your pint and excellent pork based snack, the work that goes into running these neighbourhood oases can often be taken for granted, but behind each one is a team of heroes, working tirelessly to keep your glasses charged and your spirits high. (pun very much intended)

This is why we were particularly happy to be able to recently attend an event celebrating this most noble of arts- The British Institute of Innkeepers (BII) annual lunch.

900 or so of the great and the good of the pub world turned up in their sharpest clobber to celebrate the best the industry has to offer. We were there too, dressed in slightly less smart gear but armed with 30kg of porky goodness for them to snaffle, including our new Fennel and Maple flavours.

It was great, mainly because pub people are great. You couldn’t ask for a more friendly, positive group of people. It’s also got us thinking about ways we can do more to support our publican friends. We’ve had a few nice ideas and more on those to follow if they work out, any suggestions are also most welcome.

It was another reminder of why we love this piggin’ journey we’re on-(nearly) every day is made fun by the people we speak and meet with. What more could a pig want?





Mischief Making: Auction Against Hunger May 29, 2015 14:42

We’re always aware that we’re fortunate swines. It’s a privilege to live in this fine land and spend our time making snack products whilst coming up with pig based puns. Not everyone is so lucky. That’s why we jumped at the chance to take part in frankly fabulous Auction Against Hunger event, run by Action Against Hunger and based out of the foodie utopia that is Street Feast Dalston Yard.

The premise is awesome- a host of London’s top chefs and a collection of the best street food vendors serve up one dish each free of charge to the 800 odd people who attend. These food loving soles in turn raise a wonderful amount of money for the charity that evening through buying tickets, taking part in competitions and through the event’s headline auction event. You could even bid on dinner with Sir Terry Wogan. (We did wonder if you have to pay for his meal)

The event has been running for a few years and the format is very successful. It’s a brilliant night, but this year there was something extra. There was Pig.

We decided to run our Pig’n’Mix concept- allowing hungry, fundraising, heroes to pick their favourite from our 7 flavours to snaffle on- and snaffle they did! We got though about 30KG of pork goodness, all in the name of charity. 

When you’re serving up alongside the great and the good of foodie London (including Nuno Mendes from Chiltern Firehouse, Skye Gyngell from Spring and Isaac McHale from The Clove Club) it’s impossible not to puff out your piggin’ chest a little in pride. As we keep saying- We’re on a mission to take Pork Crackling to places its never been before, and this one most definitely ticked that box.

And the best bit? The event raised £127,000. Nothing has been more deserving of trotter bumps than that.

If you’d like to get involved next year, follow the great work Action Against Hunger do. You can also register your interest here.

Photo Credit: © Samuel Hauenstein Swan (@sambronx_photo)

Mischief Making: Porky Chasers + Pig and Mix January 30, 2015 10:08

Variety is the spice of piggin' life. Or at least we think so.

So when we met with the lovely people at the famed Yummy Pub Co and saw they shared our view, we got excited. There may have been a little squeal from GP himself. 

We got our heads together and decided to bring some fun to grey old January, in the shape of the world's first (at least we think) pick and mix for crackling, aka: Pig and Mix.

Here's the skinny:

6 jars of our flavours now stand proudly on the bar at the wonderful Somers Town Coffee House.  

Like the classic sweet shop, you can mix and match to your heart's content and they're sold by weight in lovely paper bags; perfect for a good snaffle. 

Unlike the classic sweet shop, they're awesome with a pint. (Cola bottles and beer has never worked.)

We think that's pretty close to piggy utopia. 

But the Yummy Pub chaps decided to add another layer of fun. The Logistics Pig (who is a geek) might call it 'fun squared':

So in addition to the delights of Pig and Mix we're also giving away free crackling chasers! 

Buy one of their selected pints and you'll get a shot glass containing our finest crackling to accompany it, on us. As we love a brand name, its called 'Shot of Swine', but we hope you'll call it delicious. 

If you're in London (The pub is just by Euston) pop on in and see the piggin' magic for yourself. And, if you're not, feel free to give us a shout. You never know, we might be able to bring the magic to you. 

The Giggling Pig salutes each and every one of you. 

Team GP.