What part of the pig does pork scratchings come from? May 2, 2021 06:40

Pork scratchings are made from frying pork skin taken from shank (top of the pig's hind leg). It's cooked once, meaning it is harder and crunchier than its porky cousins. It doesn’t need much seasoning as it still holds a lot of the pork flavour, so generally only salt is added. Harden pork snack traditionalists love pork scratchings. 

Pork crackling is made from frying the pig skin from either the shoulder or the shank, and fried twice. The second cook is more of a flash fry and causes the scratching to inflate, adding more air to the product, meaning it is lighter and cruncher. The second fry naturally reduces some of the pork flavour so is a great opportunity to add more exciting seasonings which is why we at Snaffling Pig HQ or Pork Knox as its known have added maple, chilli, black pepper and loads more.

Pork crunch, or Porky Puffs as we call them, is when you do the same as pork crackling, but you cook them the second time at a much higher temperature. This shocks the pork scratching and they inflate even more, turning into a meaty Quaver. They are light and when seasoned hold even more flavour as they contain a greater surface area. If you are following a Keto diet, the Porky Puff is the preferred favourite as they will have a larger protein and fat ratio that the other types.