What are the best pork scratchings? April 29, 2021 18:15

Ok, so we asked our mums. Out of all the pork scratching brands out there, that one in the black pack, the see through one, the white bag, the brown bag, that one run by that chap, what are the best pork scratchings available? They tried them all and this is what they said.

  1. Snaffling Pig Marvellous Maple Porky Puffs (click to buy)
  2. Snaffling Pig Black Pepper Pork Crackling (click to buy)
  3. Snaffling Pig Hot to Trot Habenero Pork Crackling (click to buy)
  4. Snaffling Pig Low & Slow BBQ Porky Puffs (click to buy)
  5. Snaffling Pig Salt 'N' Vinegar Pork Crackling (click to buy)

Can you believe it? Not a single one of our competitors made it into the Top 5?

Thanks mums.