Time to spread some piggin’ magic March 20, 2020 16:41

This is all a bit nuts isn’t it? Everyone has been blindsided by the COVID-19 outbreak and the dramatic rippling effect it has had on almost every aspect of our lives. It goes without saying our thoughts are with those whose health has been directly impacted by the virus.

The pain we see our beloved hospitality customers going through is unimaginable; their hardship and uncertainty has been particularly distressing for TEAM SP as we are so intertwined with the industry. We are doing everything we can to support our pub friends, and we look forward to brighter days together in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future. 

All industries and communities are facing equally torrid times right now, as are we, of course.


Fortunately, we're a plucky bunch; small but perfectly formed, innovative and closely-knit (although less knitting in close proximity these days than usual).

There is now a sense of even stronger comradery as we lean in and adapt and do whatever we can to keep our colleagues safe, boost morale, and work in innovative ways alongside our business partners and peers, all while churning out porcine-based puns and making the most awesome porky snacks for our customers.

Some customers are just that extra bit special though. They have a 'je ne sais pork’ (as Claude, SPs French cousin might say). These are the selfless, brave swines who go out there on the frontline, keeping this piggin’ country going; let’s hear it for the key workers; carers, teachers, the whole NHS, emergency services, and so many more. WHOOP!

And then there are those who are vulnerable and lonely yet equally heroic, doing their best to cope, but could do with a little cheering up. 

You may not know this, but Snaffling Pig's raison d’etre (there goes Claude again…) is to ‘help mates escape the rind of life’.

It’s kind of our thing.

It’s what we do.

That means offering a distraction from whatever is going on elsewhere in someone’s day-to-day, in the form of tasty snacks and tipples. Feels like there's no better time for SP to put our money where our snout is.

So we would like to offer all key workers, and all those that could do with a bit of piggin’ joy delivered to their doorstep, while all this COVID-19 is going on.

That might be you, or someone you know who could do with a little somethin’ somethin’. If so, fill in this form to nominate that person and we can get a parcel of porky delights organised for you or them. We can't promise overly grand gestures, and we can only offer one gift per order and household, but we will do our best to make someone's day for you.

Just let us know what line of work they are in, or let us know if they just need a bit of cheering up and let’s make the piggin’ magic happen.

Keep an eye out on this blog and social profiles over the next few weeks as we share positive vibes and try to put some lipstick on this pig.

Much love


P.S. If you are stuck at home, and can afford a treat delivered to your door, do please support SP by shopping our awesome porky wares, right here.