The unsung heroes of PIG August 6, 2019 15:48

We have a great team. A small team. But a great one. And with small, great teams, come great PIG responsibilities. Yes we each have a specific role, but we also crack on with those jobs that aren't in the contract. The jobs that don't really do anything other than keep the porky wheels greased up and ready for some piggin' action.

These are the UNSUNG HEROES OF PIG. 

Meet Julie. 

Our Northern Production Assistant.

If you've bought a jar or gift pack from us, she's the one who's packed it. She also secretly polishes the warehouse floors. Buffs them shinier than Udhi's head. 

Meet Andrea.

Our On-Trade Account Manager.

She wins us pubs and wholesalers, keeps them happy and helps them to sell more porky snacks to their consumers. She also dons a spiffing pair of vinyl gloves and gets stuck into cleaning the loo every week. Or as we call it, the Porkaloo.

Meet Charlie.

Our Consumer Champion.

Responsible for keeping all our customers happy whether you bought a pack from a pub or supermarket, or like to get in touch via social media. Our resident MMA fighter he also moonlights as a bin emptying machine. Ask him 'How you BIN Charlie? 


Meet Becca.

Our Finance Manager.

She's responsible for everything finance related. Cash in. Cash out. But inbetween reconciliations you'll find her sneaking a tea towel into her handbag, only to return it the next day sparkling clean and smelling of a summers day. A porky summers day.