How can you top a porky advent? Easy...just add BEEEEER - by Nick September 18, 2018 11:19

We launched our first advent 2 years ago and it's been a huge hit since. But our brand is all about pushing the possibities and creating exciting new formats for snacking and so this year, we'd had to go one better for 2018.

When planning our NPD (New Product Development), we don't do what other companies do. We don't analyse trends and data and we don't carry out vast amounts of market research. We think about what would we LOVE to buy. What would make people say..."DAAAAAMN I need this in my life". What we know we can make really really well and something we would be bloody proud of. Starting with this approach means we think big and not contrainsed by 'what was done before'. 

So the pork crackling and beer advent was born. We do already brew our own beer, but this time we wanted to work with another EPIC beer brand and there really is few that top the AWESOME Meantime. We also love the idea of collaborating with others on things like this. Doing things is far more fun with others than just doing it on your own ;0)

So standing 50cm tall, this bad boy is not for the mantel piece. Containing 12 packets of 18g porky snacks in Perfectly Salted, Low & Slow BBQ and Marvellous Maple together with 12 x bottles of Meantime beer. DING DONG.

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