Best flavoured pork scratchings? May 2, 2021 15:07

Many things go well together. 

Sonny & Cher.

Torvill and Dean.

Weatabix and Heinz Beanz

Pork scratchings and flavours others than salt.

So well in fact Snaffling Pig has made it our mission to bring flavours to the humble but awesome pork snack. Did you know that for hundreds of years, the only thing added to pork scratchings were salt. Until Snaffling Pig had the bright idea that we could add chilli, or maple, or black pepper, hell even fennel. So when we launched back in 2015 we bought out a range of frankly awesome flavoured porky snacks with 9 different seasons. Some we got right...Pig of Doom...and some failed miserably...Cranberry and Orange...don't ask.

Now other brands have seen the light and jumped on the metaphorical porky band wagon but that's not stopping this SP train and we continue to do more and more exciting flavours that get those taste buds tingling in anticipation. 

Over the last 6 years our customers have voted with their wallets and these are the most popular flavours. 

  1. Snaffling Pig Marvellous Maple flavoured pork crackling
  2. Snaffling Pig Habanero Chilli flavoured pork crackling
  3. Snaffling Pig Salt & Vinegar flavoured pork crackling
  4. Snaffling Pig Black Pepper flavoured pork crackling
  5. Snaffling Pig Sweet Cilli flavoured pork crackling

You can check out our full range of flavours, right here